About us

The Italian Association for Research in Dance was legally established in April 2001, thanks to a group of scholars of dance.


  • To promote, coordinate and develop theoretical and historical studies and research in dance

  • To collect and spread, in Italy and abroad, information concerning lectures and symposia, research projects, publications, programmes, classes, seminars and workshops of universities, academies and other institutes;

  • To identify and enhance the Italian documentary heritage, promoting and coordinating cataloguing projects, and establishing a dance national public archive, papery, audiovisual and electronic;

  • To foster communication and relations among dance scholars and the various Italian and foreign institutions.

  • To organize and take part into meetings, debates, lectures, congresses, exhibitions and cultural initiatives, to deepen and spread the dance research;

  • To raise funds for scholarships and awards, to be appointed both young and experienced scholars;

  • To oversee production, publication and dissemination of bibliographic, audiographic, video/cinematographic and multimedial scientific materials.

Legal seat:
00143 ROMA
Fax 06 5012437

For information, write to: info@airdanza.it