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RICHIESTA DI CONTRIBUTI «Danza e ricerca. Laboratorio di studi, scritture, visioni» n. 12 (2020)

Saggi, recensioni, bibliografie, di una lunghezza compresa tra i 25.000 e i 60.000 caratteri (spazi inclusi), da inviare all’indirizzo
Deadline : 15 giugno 2020
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CALL FOR PAPERS "Social practices of dance during the Second World War", 2020

These study days, the first of which will be held on Thursday, June 11, 2020, are organized by a research group dedicated to the history of illegal balls in France, where balls were forbidden during the two world wars.
Among the topics concerned :

  • Norms and prohibitions: content and meaning of normative texts (legislation, regulations); prohibition and repression practices;
  • Dance venues: cities, countryside, "wild" areas (forest); neighborhoods; indoor / outdoor; public spaces / private spaces; types of institutions;
  • Individual and collective actors involved in the social practices of dance (organizers, musicians, dancers, singers, law enforcement officers, ecclesiastics). Analyzes in terms of age and gender categories will be appreciated;
  • Music and dance types: revivalism, modernity, exoticism; reviving traditional dances or promoting new dances;
  • Material culture, body, senses: musical instruments, sound technologies (recorded or amplified music), clothing; sensitive experience, body play;
  • Continuities and temporal discontinuities; comparison with other periods of conflict or repression;
  • Representations; memories and legacies; transmissions and resurgences.

Deadline : 20 December
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CALL FOR PROPOSALS "Healing Soul through Arts" 2020

Inspirees Institute, Creative Arts Education and Therapy (CAET) – open access journal, in collaboration with Hangzhou Normal University, International Association of Creative Arts Somatic Education (IACASE), present the first Creative Arts Education and Therapy World Forum on March 6-10, 2020 in Hangzhou, China. The mission of the Forum is to establish a platform to further communication, dialog and cooperation between the East and West regarding the arts in therapy, education and human understanding. The theme of the Forum 2020 is Healing Soul through Arts – Connecting Eastern and Western Wisdom which responds to the challenges for the world and the calls for leadership amidst great swathes of conflict.
Please send your proposals by email to with Full name, Affiliation, Title, Abstract (within 400 words), and Biography (within 200 words) with the indication of choices below.

  • Laban and somatics
  • arts therapies in education
  • arts therapies in community
  • arts therapies in clinical
  • arts therapies in corporate

Deadline : January 1st, 2020
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